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Guide your customers to the products they love and drive sales using live chat with Jumper

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Guide your customers at every stage of the purchase journey

Support customers, address with pre-sales queries, offer product advice, and up-sell products with a combination of live agents and automation working together to grow your business.


Unified Business Messenger

Manage conversations across multiple messaging channels from one dashboard.

In-built Commerce

Delight customers by guiding them and sharing the products they love, creating orders on their behalf and enabling them to make payments in the chat.

Rich Customer Profile

Enable a personalized experience for your customers taking into account their purchase history, recent interactions, preferences, custom data fields and tags.

Human bot transfer

Enable live agents to monitor automated conversations, take over the bot and pass conversations back to the bot at anytime.

Machine Learning & AI

Free up your support by adding automated replies to customers queries about your products, shipping, order status, refunds cancelation and more.

Team Inbox

Your team can view conversations across all channels in one dashboard and easily assign them to appropriate team members or to a bot.

Managed access

Manage your team’s access to advanced live chat features. Control who can edit customer details, update orders and give discounts.

Working hours

Set operating hours for your live chat team and trigger the right response for customers at any hour.

Follow-up Reminders:

Your agents can setup reminders to follow up with customers and get notified at the scheduled time.

Team Analytics

Track how your live agents are doing with response times, customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

Improve productivity

Jumper’s live chat solutions works seamlessly with our other product features, so your team can focus on what matters most – assisting happy and loyal customers.

  • Order Management
  • Discounts & Loyalty
  • Conversational Ads
  • Automated Bots
  • Social CRM
  • 3rd Party Integrations