Own your customer and their lifecycle

Advance your brand reach and perception, with access to first part data about your consumers’ preferences, behavior and opinions, collected through direct engagement on channels of their choice.

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Grow with confidence

Don’t let unreliable and expensive data gathered from 3rd party sources limit your marketing and brand team’s potential. Jumper gives you the tools you need to glean high quality first-party data, gather intricate consumer insights and serve more personalized marketing to your consumers.

Unlock new channels

Expand your brand experience and collect data from multiple channels, to instantly access consumer insights and adapt your product, marketing and communications to match your customers current needs, interests, and channel of choice.

Elevate your social strategy

Proactively connect with your social fans through comments and private messages, automate responses, drive them to take actions and convert them into customers, without any interruption or redirects to alternate channels.

Make experiences personal

Tailor your consumer interactions to their preference and motivations, offer personalised product recommendations, address concerns, build trust and strengthen your relationship at every part of the consumer journey.

Generate Demand

Efficiently and effectively qualify high-value leads from a single ad impression or post, along with additional data points that help your team gain on-going insights about your customers pre-sales queries and reservations about your product or service.

Stay ahead of competition

Invite your customers to become active participants in your brand story and share volunteered information and declared data points that gives your marketing team the exact insights they seek.

Predict future needs

With Machine learning and assess data about your consumers historic purchases, ad responses, campaign interactions and cross-channel engagement, your team can anticipate your consumers next move in real time.

    Uncover new opportunities

  • Customer purchase and Interaction history
  • Custom data fields and tags
  • Customer Profiling and segmentation
  • Unify data across your channels
  • Task Assignment and Team analytics
  • Look-alike audiences from High-Value leads
  • Custom reports and analytics
  • GDPR Compliance

Improve productivity

Jumper’s CRM works seamlessly with our other product features, so your team can focus on what matters most – giving your customer an unmatched brand experience

  • Live Chat
  • Chatbot Builder
  • Automated Responses
  • Automated Notifications
  • Conversational Ads
  • Third party integrations