Send updates and enable shopping conversations over SMS.

Cut through the clutter and widen your reach by adopting 2-way SMS for business-to-consumer conversations, shopping advice, and commerce.

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    Get higher delivery and opens rates with SMS.

    Ensure wider delivery and higher open rates for your brand messages, important updates, and marketing promotions.

    Converse with customers on mobile devices.

    Use 2-way texting to your advantage and enable shopping conversations with your customer to drive product consideration.

    Automate customer interactions with SMS flows.

    Utilize intelligent conversational bots to interact with your global customer base on a one-to-one basis and delight them instantly.

    Use SMS analytics to know your shoppers better.

    Get insights into opens, URL clicks, and replies received from every customer, across the conversation timeline.

    Stay top of inbox and top of mind.

    Send order updates, encourage cart recovery, share discount coupons, and more, through frequent and targetted SMS communications.


Never worry about syncing it all.

Keep your catalog, orders, shipping, payment information, and customer data secure, integrated, and updated at all times, across your enterprise-wide systems.