Selling products made easy

Apparel, cosmetics, accessories, gadgets… if you can ship them, we can help you sell them on social media.

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Selling products made easy

Setup in minutes, sell in seconds

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  • Manage products

    Manage products

    One single dashboard for configuring images, sizes, colors, and variations makes managing your product line effortless.

  • Configure


    Outline your shipping, tax, and policies from the Jumper dashboard. Integrate and import from Shopify and WooCommerce in just a few clicks.

  • Connect


    Connect all your social accounts and payment gateways to manage multiple cross-channel campaigns from Jumper’s dashboard.

  • Sell


    Turn your social media accounts into automated storefronts and reach the 3 billion+ people who check their social feeds daily.

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    Free to use - no credit card required
Manage products

Turn followers into customers

A customer experience like never before - frictionless, instant, and conversational - your shop interacts with the customer directly. All within the platform of their choice.

Experience it as a customer
  • Initiate purchasing

    Initiate purchasing

    Your audience click, comment, or swipe up on a post they like to initiate the checkout process.

  • Auto-message


    After engaging, the user gets an automated message that talks them through the sale. It helps them select the size, color, or variation of their choice.

  • Checkout focused

    Checkout focused

    Streamline the path to purchase. Turn inspiration into desire, and desire into action. Customers pay within the automated chat interface - no website redirects, no apps to download.

  • Grow & Amplify your reach

    Grow & Amplify your reach

  • Increase engagement and virality

    Increase engagement and virality

  • Leverage impulse buying behavior

    Leverage impulse buying behavior

  • Run limited time offers and grow your sales

    Run limited time offers and grow your sales

Connect and sell products to billions of users

Jumper lets you sell from any post on your Facebook page, Instagram story, YouTube channel, Pinterest, directly in Messenger and LINE, or from your own website. With the ability to run affiliate promotions there’s no end to how much you could be selling with Jumper.

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Free to use - no credit card required

Power packed features

One dashboard to manage stock, overlook campaigns, and so much more.

Know your customers

Jumper remembers your customers’ details and auto-fills their details enabling one-click repeat purchases.

Secure payments through messages

Payment details securely tokenized and enabled by industry leading payment partners so your customers trust you.

Maintain tone of voice

Customize and translate all messages, emails, and touchpoints to maintain your brand’s tone of voice.

Free storefront

With Jumper, you automatically get a free, mobile-friendly store website with shoppable stories mapped to your own domain.


Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, Zapier, ManyChat, Botletter, Chatfuel, QR codes, and so much more.


Keep track of sales and payments. Our analytics will help you quickly identify your best selling products, channels, and campaigns.

Automatic emails

Order receipts, payment confirmations, shipping notifications and more are all automatically sent to you and your customer.

Offer coupons and discounts

Attract customers and incentivize purchases with coupon codes. Standard % off, variable discounts, and timed offers included as standard.


Download all of your sales and order information with a single click so you can use it in your CRM or organize it as you want to.


Start selling on all your existing channels from one clever platform.


Start selling on all your existing channels from one clever platform.