Boost Sales with Messenger Chatbot

Drive sales with Facebook Messenger

With over 1 billion users and 80% open rate, Messenger is the currrently is the most engaging channel. jumper helps you automatically redirect and engage customers from any social media platfrom to Messenger to drive instant sales.

Boost your sales with Messenger

With jumper, it takes only a couple of minutes to create and drive traffic to your Messenger chatbot.

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Instant chatbot

Creating a chatbot with jumper is as simple as adding your product details.

Auto-Reply and Messaging

Instantly re-direct traffic, send product details, engage and answer common pre-sales queries, and more within Messenger.

Omni-channel integration

jumper is the only platform to intergrate Messenger with any social media platform - Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Web and more.

Magic message link

Enable customers from any website or platform, to instantly get details and purchase products within Messenger. Our magic message link, instantly messages users the product details when they click on it.

Offline and in-store integration

Discover more seamless growth opportunies, with QR and #hashtag codes. Customers simply scan QR or text #hashtag to skip the queues and place instant orders.

How it works


Just add your product / event / campaign details, instantly get a chatbot.


Share your chatbot anywhere, by simply creating a #hashtag post, or posting a magic-message link, or asking customers to scan QR or text your #hashtag.

Get sales

As soon as customer engage, jumper automatically messages the product details and walks them through the checkout.

Try it live

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It takes less than 5 mins to automate sales within Messenger.

Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Signup with your email / Facebook.
  2. Add your product details with a hashtag or import with CSV or Shopify.
  3. Connect your Facebook page.
  4. Choose how you want to receive payments: via Stripe or PayPal.

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