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jumper creates the fastest checkout bot for your business that works #everywhere

Indeed a no brainer - free to use

Platforms we support

Sell everywhere, instantly 🔥

jumper helps you sell any product, at any time, in any place


One dashboard

You don't need a web store with jumper. jumper can act as your store, checkout, and fulfillment through a single dashboard, or import from your Shopify or WooCommerce store.

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Sell everywhere

Enable your customers to purchase directly through your social media updates without the need for coding or even a website! sell anywhere, anytime.

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Unlimited potential

⚡ Flash sales? sure! 🎁 Pre-orders? absolutely! 🛳️ Dropshipping? Hop on in! 🎟️ Event ticketing? why not! 😋 Cafe order taking? uh, of course!

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Get paid instantly

Connect Stripe and Paypal accounts to accept credit/debit cards in 130+ currencies ✔️ Google Pay, Apple Pay, AliPay ✔️ Cash on delivery, payment links? Yass!! ✔️ Receive payments instantly in your account

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Super fast for your customers

No sign-ups, no mundane forms. Your customers can buy as soon as they see your awesome products! ✔️ Send product details when customers comment, text or click a link ✔️ jumper remembers your customers for hassle-free repeat purchases everywhere ✔️ Learns customer preferences to enable fast checkouts ✔️ Checkouts, payment, and receipts all within Messenger, Web-bot and LINE

Tailor-made for selling ✂️

Make your social media posts, emails, blogs, and more instantly shoppable!


Add and manage your products in our dashboard or sync with Shopify or WooCommerce.


Turn your posts into ticket sales with our frictionless purchase experience. get a one page event checkout instantly.

Food & beverage

No more waiting in line, no more wasted time, no more lost customers. ensure higher customer satisfaction with instant orders.


We make a little when you make a lot!


Free to use
No monthly commitments

1.5% / sale
  • Order & inventory management
  • Auto-generated checkout bot for multiple platforms
  • Accept payments in 130+ currencies with Stripe or PayPal
  • No success fee for the first 10 sales!
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Endless Opportunities
Campaign specific or long-term

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  • 3rd party vendor integrations
  • Customised checkouts
  • Creative use-cases across industries
  • Dedicated support
  • Collaboration with your social media agency
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Businesses big and small 🤘🏻 jumper

FAQs 🤔

Are you for real?

Duh! absolutely. Know more about the company here

Whats with all the emojis on the website?

We're a bot powered commerce enabler, beep bop beep! 🤖

Why is jumper free to use?

We believe you should be able to sell everywhere, effortlessly. We only make a small success fee if you make a sale!

Do I need shopify? or even a website?

Not at all, jumper works best independently. Why build a website when you can sell via social media, the web, via blogs, emails, sms, instant messengers.. you get the drift :)

Wow, that's awesome - how do I plug it into my existing blog or website?

Interesting question, we have a beautiful SDK being made specially for you, experience it here. We are aiming to get it out by end June.

I sell locally, can i still use jumper?

Of course! hit us up on our live chat or drop us an email, we'll walk you through it all.

Can I get a complete walk-through demo?

Sure, schedule a time with our customer success team and we'll be thrilled to demo the magic.

I use other bot services, can I enable your awesome checkouts with that?

Indeed you can.. take a moment and glance through our videos here.

We operate on very low margins, can you do a monthly fee with no success fee?

We do have a few plans, reach out to us and lets jump on a call?

I run an agency, do you offer a plan which I can offer to my clients?

Yassss, we look at it on a case to case basis. lets chat?

How are you different from manychat? chatfuel?

Interesting question, jumper is a no code, no logic commerce platform that auto-creates the fastest checkouts for your business.

Ahh, a few more questions please?

Why not! we're happy to help and assist via our human powered help desk and live chat..

Ready to get started?