Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for real?

Yes, absolutely!

Can I integrate with Woocommerce, Shopify for inventory management?

Sure. Shopify is ready. Woocommerce comes in real soon.

Can I use it in my country?

We are striving hard to enter all possible countries where we receive the most interest from. Reach out to us at and we'll take it on from there.

What languages do you support?

English at the moment. We're actively looking for contributors to help us translate into various other languages. Feel free to reach out to us at

Are there any limits on the products I can add?

Yes. We currently allow 25 products to be powered by per merchant. You can always delete the ones you're not actively using and upload the others. In the interim - if you'd want more, reach us at and we'll be happy to get cracking on it.

Can I add multiple hashtags for the same product?

Not yet, we will roll this out soon.

What can I sell?

Products, event tickets and a whole lot more. Do read our T&C to make sure you're not violating any ToS.

Can I use it for lead generation?

Of course! Our auto-engage plan is tailor made for all things serious and fun. Our users leverage on this in most creative ways, some of which are listed under to give you a quick headstart.

  • Influencers use auto-engage to spread the word by leveraging their fan base.
  • Sellers use it to sell their products or drive traffic to their existing website - though is built to do this too.
  • Some use it to run competitions, lucky draw or just distribute coupon codes.

There are so many creative ways - we're working hard to put together best use cases and strategies. Keep checking in.

Can I have customizations?

Sure you can. They're handled pretty much on a case to case basis. We urge you to reach out to our support staff online or via e-mail to and we will revert as soon as humanly possible.

Are my credit card details safe?

Of course! None of the details are stored on our servers. They're all with the payment gateways. In our case with Stripe and PayPal* coming soon.

Can I use it on my personal profile?

Not yet. We are working hard to get this going - stay tuned.

Does it work on shares?

Not yet, Facebook doesn't allow that yet. It should be implemented soon. Though, it for sure works on tweets & re-tweets. :)

Does it work on re-tweet?


Can I choose any hashtag?

Absolutely! Though we advice to use hashtags related to your product. Generic hashtags tend to confuse users and not to forget piggy-backing on trending hashtags may result in getting your account banned by social media platforms and/or

How long will my hashtags be valid?

30 days of inactivity results in the hashtags to become inactive. Though, you can always choose another hashtag and enable jumper's tech immediately.

Who fulfills the order?

You do. We're an enabler - though, that being said we are in talks with multiple logistics providers to make it a 360 degree solution.

Can you integrate my payment gateway?

Yes we can. This falls under our enterprise plan and additional charges are applicable. Reach us at to get started with your request.

Does it work with Facebook groups?

Not yet.

Can I use it with multiple social accounts?

Not yet, this awesome feature is coming in soon. We've received a lot of requests from agencies handling multiple brands and merchants having multiple pages and accounts.

Can't wait? E-mail us now!

When do I get paid?

The payouts are on a 7 day rolling basis. Do ensure your banking details provided are correct for prompt delivery.

Why do I need to give my KYC (ID) details?

In order to ensure that only authentic merchants have access to the platform and are to protect the buyers interest against illegal products, frauds and similar activities we require your ID/Passport/SSN etc.

Why do I need to provide my bank a/c details?

To ensure a timely release of your earnings minus our transaction fees if any.

My question wasn't answered here, where can I go?

Feel free to e-mail us, or talk to our online support staff.