Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sell with

Anyone can, as long as you have a tax ID card and a bank account where we can send you the money you’ve earned!

Why should I sell using

May it be a big brand or the simplicity of an ad-hoc seller. More the channels to sell on, the wider the reach – thus MORE SALES! fits like hand in glove to a seller’s omni-channel sales dream.

With super powers to sell via your brands vanity #hashtags to flambouyant shortlinks, we’ve got it all covered.

Here’s a few quick benefits: works alongside your existing e-commerce channels, and helps you sell directly to your Facebook fans on Facebook. Instagram works like a charm with #hashtags and shop links, Pinterest loves our super-powered short links. On blogs – embed the super-powered short links and watch your sales grow with our new age shopping experience.

We give you more time to grow your sales with less headaches. Automatic invoices, inventory management and a dash of personal gratification to your product buyers. (A thank you note goes a long way!)

What documents are required to be a seller?

Agree to our T&C and seller agreement, banking details – IFSC Code, Bank, Branch etc. (here’s why we need this.), your company/personal tax id.

How long does it take to start selling?

Ummm.. as long as you have all documents handy, 1 minute and you’re ready to sell #everywhere!

Do I need to buy a domain or build a website?

Nope! We handle all of that for you. Your webstore goes live the minute you start posting your products on the seller panel. Super fun isn’t it? 🙂

Can I offer both products and services?

Sure. As long as you’re not breaking the ToS – go for it!

How do I get paid?

You get paid into the bank account that is mentioned in your merchant panel on a 7 day rolling basis.

How do I sell on platforms like hike, whatsapp, viber and sms?’s super-powered short links are the best way to initiate and complete a sale across all Instant Messengers.

Who handles shipping and fulfillments?

You, the seller handles all shipping and fulfillments. is your everywhere commerce enabler! If you’d like our assistance in choosing the best shipping provider, reach out to us and we will be happy to introduce you to our shipping partners.

Where all does jumper work? works across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter with hashtags and super-powered short links.

For Whatsapp, Hike, Telegram or any Instant Messenger’s super-powered short links are the best way to initiate and complete a sale.

How do I post with the hashtag?

We advice you to follow our seller guide provided to you once you’re on-boarded as a seller. It’s easy, believe us! Feel free to reach out to us at – we’ll be happy to setup a demo for you 🙂

You can always post on the forums or browse through our knowledge base – we engage very frequently with our community.

jumper’s magic – how does it work?

Sellers have a panel to generate their uber cool #hashtags and super-powered short links where we embed product data. Upon initiating a purchase, the buyers can choose variations of the product they like and can checkout in less than a minute. (we’ve timed it!)

P.S. Don’t forget to connect your Facebook Messenger to your passport.

Can I be a shopper/buyer too?

Of course, as long as you adhere to our T&C and follow the steps – you can!

This is freakin great! Are you kidding me it’s free?

Not that we know of 😛

It’s free – we realise and make money only if you do! For more information, check the pricing section.