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Setup your social
media store

- Simply subscribe and connect to your social media pages.

- Get started with Facebook or connect with all Instagram, Youtube, Twitter.

- Connect your Facebook Messenger.

Add your product

- No matter what you are selling, its super easy to add your products from the jumper dashboard.

- You can also easily import multiple product data in one go from your Shopify store or with a CSV.

- Create a #hashtag for each product.

- And save.

Link common

- Identify repeated queries and common keywords used by your customers..

- Add these keywords to the apt product details, eg price, variation, etc.

- jumper automatically replies to customers when they comment with the keyword.

Share on
social media

- Create a new post with your product images, and the hashtag and share as usual.

- You can also directly post on your Facebook or Twitter using the jumper dashboard.

Customers comment

- jumper instantly replies when your customers comment with your product hashtags or your keywords.

- It also walks the customers through the purchase and payment instantly within the messaging app.

- And sends them a receipt both on message and email.

Manage orders

- As the order is placed you receive a notification in email as well as on your jumper dashboard.

- If you have connected your shopify it gets updated in your Shopify dashboard as well.

- Send customer a notification and a tracking link when you the ship order.

- All your payments are instantly transferred to your Stripe or PayPal merchant account.

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