Organising events is in itself a massive task - so aims to help you take the pain out of selling tickets to these events. The Events plan helps you sell your event tickets on Facebook - which is included in the plan, or other platforms if you choose to subscribe - using automated chat-based sales. Provide basic information about the event, offer the different ticket types and complete the transaction all within social media. 

How to sell event tickets on Facebook (or other platforms)?

  • Sign-up with with the Events plan and login to the merchant panel
  • Once your account is activated, you can either
    • Connect your Facebook account and Messenger (the Facebook page for your business)
    • Do ensure you provide all the requested permissions when you connect, as failure to do so will not allow to function appropriately​​​​​​​
  • Add your event on the panel, with the required details and choose your unique #hashtag
  • Once you are happy with your event details, post it on your Facebook page
    • In the post, make sure your add a message to direct your customers potential customers to comment with your unique #hashtag for the event. e.g., Get your tickets to the Event of the Year! Comment below with #eventoftheyear to get your tickets right away. Alternatively, send a message saying #eventoftheyear on Facebook Messenger to get started
    • Tip: Use your creative art about your event with similar instructions
    • It is recommended to post straight from for optimal performance
    • Now, sit back and relax - tech will interact with your customers when they comment and walk them through the sales