Leverage the power of Facebook and get true ROI on your investment into your social media presence, ads and followers by driving automated sales or auto-engage with your potential customers through jumper.ai.

Steps to use Facebook & Messenger to automate sales and/or auto-engage with your potential customers

  • Sign-up with jumper.ai with the plan(s) as per your requirement and login to the merchant panel
  • Once your account is activated, you can either
    • Connect your Facebook account and Messenger (the Facebook page for your business)
    • Do ensure you provide all the requested permissions when you connect,as failure to do so will not allow jumper.ai to function appropriately


    • Add your product or event on the panel, with the required details andchoose your unique #hashtag
    • Once you are happy with your product / event details, post it on your Facebook page
      • In the post, make sure your add a message to direct your customers / potential customers to comment with your unique #hashtag for the product event. e.g., Comment #designertshirt to buy the Designer T-Shirt for USD 45.00 inclusive of shipping! Limited stock available. Alternatively, send a message saying #designertshirt on Facebook Messenger to get started
      • Tip: Use your creative art about your product / event with similar instructions
      • It is recommended to post straight from jumper.ai for optimal performance
    • Now, sit back and relax - jumper.ai tech will interact with your customers when they comment and walk them through the sales



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