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sell products
US$20.00 / month
1.5% / sale*
Use it to automatically message, sell products and collect payments in Messenger and web chatbot to anyone who comments your product hashtag or clicks your product short-link. Save hours of work, convert more customers, make more money.
25 Products
Automatic reply to Facebook comments
Messenger chatbot for checkout and payment
AMP powered website and product pages
Chatbot short-link for each product
Order and inventory management
Shopify integration
Chat and email support


Events - sell event tickets
US$0 / month
1.5% / paid ticket*
Use it to automatically sell tickets and get registrations instantly in Messenger, directly from your Facebook posts or through an easily shareable event link. Increase interest, sell more tickets, know your attendees better.
10 events
No transaction fees for free events
Messenger and Web chatbot for event registration and payments
Automatic reply to Facebook comments
AMP powered event page
Chatbot short-link for each event
Attendee checklist Excel (App coming soon)
Chat and email support


Engage - lead generation, run promotions
US$7.00 / month
Use it to build your sales funnel with Messenger. Automatically message promotions, coupon codes, links to your ebooks, shop, contest form and more to anyone who comments with your promotional keywords on your Facebook posts. Increase engagement, get more leads, convert more customers, make more money.

Unlimited posts
Unlimited Keywords
Create custom responses
Send instant private message when anyone comments with the keywords
Works with organic and boosted Facebook page posts
Perfect for Messenger marketing and sales funnels
Self-serve dashboard for easy campaign, keyword and response management
Chat and email support

* Payment gateways fees will still apply to all sales

jumper.ai addons

Powerup with add ons

Up your game with multiple features available as add-ons

Platform add-ons
Platform add-ons

Automate sales on other social media platforms; Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Line, Web SDKs and many more.

Marketing add-ons
Marketing add-ons

Create more personal experiences with targeted Keywords, Ad buttons, Branded email receipts, analytics and more.

Efficiency add-ons
Efficiency add-ons

Do more with additional feature ad-ons such as Cash on delivery, Scheduling, Google Calendar, Delivery QR, Ticket QR, Cart.

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General questions

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is an automated assistant which talks on your behalf. Try comment #instant on this post to see how your business can level up your social media marketing and generate more sales using jumper.ai.

How does comment auto-reply work?

jumper will read your posts for user comments, upon intent with the product #hashtag or keyword (add-on if subscribed), it will automatically message them the relevant details and walk the customers through the sale instantly.

What is a magic message link?

For each product or event created on jumper, we provide with a shortlink, which you can share anywhere - Facebook groups, Personal profile, WhatsApp, blogs, etc. When users click the link, we automatically direct them to the Messenger or webchat, wherein they can purchase and pay for your product. Click this link to see how you can growth hack your sales from just anywhere.

What are AMP pages?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a framework by Google, which gives a new level of impact for your customers and ecommerce sales by helping web pages load near instantly, giving your users a smooth, more engaging experience on mobile and desktop. Click here to experience product page, event page and shop page.

Do I need to enter my card details to signup?

No. You can sign up and start your 14 day free trial immediately.
We don’t ask your credit card until you’ve determined jumper.ai is the right product for you.

I want to sell more products or events?

Awesome and why not. Please drop us a line on chat or email to discuss your requirement and add more products.

Can I try the add-ons in trial period?

Add-ons are currently available only for subscribed users.

Besides Facebook, can I use it for other social media platforms as well?

Yes! We support Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Line and many more in the pipeline. Do check out our add-ons. Once subscribed, as per your business requirements - you can choose and integrate. Simple as that.

Can I use it with multiple Facebook Pages?

Currently we support only 1 Facebook page per jumper account. Having said, this is a feature coming in soon. If you'd like to be updated about it's launch or have an immediate requirement, please email us.

Can I delete and add another product or event instead?

Yes, you can delete your old products and add new products as many times as you want. You can choose to keep your hashtag or create a new one.

If I delete a product, will my hashtag still be there?

Usually when you delete a product, your hashtag and associated product information also gets deleted. However you can always re-add the hashtag to a new product. If you have a brand IP and would like to retain your hashtag for long term, please write to us.

Is it available in my country?

Please refer to this page for regular updates about supported countries.

How can I process payments?

You can process payments using your Stripe or Paypal account. If you don't have one, you can signup for either payment processor, directly from your jumper dashboard. For more details please visit the FAQ pages for Stripe and PayPal.

Are there any transaction fees?

We charge a transaction fee of 1.5% on closed sales. For payment processing rates and terms please visit the FAQ page for Stripe and PayPal.

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