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Please note the following rules applicable for discounts.

1. Discounts and Coupon codes cannot be applied on products with commission transferred to the buyers.

2. If two or more discounts are applicable on a purchase the discount with its date most recently modified will be applied.

3. Discounts are applied per purchase not per product ie. if a user buys multiple quantity of the same product, discount will be applied to the total purchase not per product.

All Discounts
Code Description Validity Condition Active Actions
Valid from: [[result.validfrom]]
Valid till: Forever
Valid till: [[result.validtill]]
[[result.percentage]]% - [[result.upperpercentagelimit]]% off
[[result.percentage]]% off
Flat [[currency]] [[result.offmoney]] - [[currency]] [[result.upperoffmoney]] off
Flat [[currency]] [[result.offmoney]] off
on order over [[currency]] [[result.ticketsize]]
on quantity over [[result.quantity]] unit(s)
Deactivate Activate