Get more from Messenger

Messenger isn’t just for answering queries. With Jumper, you can now use it to engage, converse and convert.


Make your ad spend work harder

Engage and convert your customers through Messenger across their entire lifecycle with Jumper.


Communication is key

Link your product information to Messenger then sit back and let the app do all the talking (and selling) with automated AI chatbots.


Multitasking at its finest

Sail smoothly from AI to human agent. Attach products. Request payments. Send receipts. The benefits of bringing Jumper into the equation are endless.


Encourage cart recovery

Stay in the forefront of customers’ minds with our easy-to-use Message Sequence feature.


Stay in touch

Keep customers in the loop about their orders and your brand regularly.

Works with all your favorite platforms

Get started in minutes with plug and play integrations:


Together as one

Synch up your existing commerce tools like Shopify, Amazon and BigCommerce to streamline your sales on Messenger.

Don’t have a store yet? Use Jumper’s easy-to-use platform to manage your products, inventory, shipping, discounts and orders.


Getting paid

No matter where you or your customers are in the world, get paid securely with major payment providers including Stripe, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, AliPay, PayU, Wirecard and more local payment providers.


Get ready to grow

Grab the tools you need to help you scale.

Bot builder

Personalize your conversational flows for lead generation, contests, product discovery, reviews and more.

Ad pixels

Retarget customers with pixels embedded across your customer journey.

Reward loyalty

Create loyalty schemes to keep customers coming back.


Train AI to answer frequent customer queries.