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Create a dependable and convenient end-to-end experience for your shoppers on the world’s most popular messaging app.

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verified WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

    Know your customers like the back of your hand.

    Gather rich first-hand insights into your shoppers’ needs, motivations, and preferences and integrate them into your everyday marketing and promotional strategy.

    Generate rich customer insights

    Deliver notifications your shoppers cannot miss.

    Send important order-related and shipping alerts, OTPs, and more through WhatsApp and ensure higher visibility and recall while enhancing customer experience.

    Notify and inform shoppers

    Spot and do more of what fuels your sales.

    Report and analyze your conversational commerce profitability across bots, agents, SKUs, and campaigns. Do more of what works for your retail brand.

    Generate rich customer insights

Never worry about syncing it all.

Keep your catalog, orders, shipping, payment information, and customer data secure, integrated, and updated at all times, across your enterprise-wide systems.

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  • Agent Assisted Sales

  • Cart Recovery Reminders

  • Order Receipts

  • Shipping Updates

  • Post-sales support and upsell

  • WhatsApp ordering

  • Order Tracking

  • Table Reservation

  • Customer Service

  • Test Drive booking

  • After-sales service

  • Breakdown Assistance

  • Vehicle Subscriptions

  • Lead Generation

  • Policy Quotes & Sales

  • Claim Filling

  • Customer service

  • Account Management

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Card Application

  • Transaction Alerts

  • Client-Agent Interaction Management (Wealth)

  • OTP Notifications

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Partner with Jumper

Are you looking for WhatsApp Business Solutions for your clients?


Yes, Jumper is an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider and the only platform with an end-to-end commerce engine to offer full-cycle, native shopping journeys over WhatsApp.

No, you can add as many products, sets, bundles and discounts as you need, there are no limits.

Jumper utilizes its proprietary technology and partnerships to enable frictionless commerce and payments on WhatsApp.

Yes, all our features are available within our proprietary dashboard, modifiable for different user roles. You can ideally manage the full cycle of your customers right within the Jumper dashboard. If you have existing tools, our integrations allow you to continue operating that part from your current systems.

No, WhatsApp platform policies strictly don’t allow promotional or unsolicited broadcast messages.

Additionally, each message you intend to send to a user outside of the 24-hour window will have to be approved by WhatsApp as a ‘Template Message.’

Your customers must also explicitly express consent to receive notifications, alerts, and any other non-promotional communication from your business on WhatsApp before you can send them any ‘Template Messages.’

Any account or business intentionally or unintentionally violating this policy through our platform, our WhatsApp Business API (WBA) access, or services in any form will be solely responsible for all litigation and legal actions against them, by any 3rd party in any jurisdiction.

These are messages your company can define and, once approved by WhatsApp, use them to reach out to users beyond 24 hours from your last interaction with them.

You can get user consent to receive messages in WhatsApp via a third-party channel or when the customer explicitly sends you a message on WhatsApp. (Note: You can’t send ‘Template’ messages or notifications on WhatsApp to get user consent.)

Yes! Jumper can help port your current WhatsApp number to the WhatsApp Business API number.

Yes, you can connect multiple WhatsApp Numbers to one Jumper account.

Your business may need to manage inventory and orders separately for each store associated with your brand, even if they all use the same WhatsApp number. Each account, with its independent store management requirement, is considered a different store. However, suppose you have a central order and inventory management system and don't need individual stores to login to our systems to process their orders - in that case, you only need one store account.

Firstly, you or your servicing partner have to provide us necessary details. Our team will then apply for WhatsApp Business API on your behalf, after which you would need to complete the verification.

It’s essential to identify and align your use case to get started with Jumper and WhatsApp Business API. A few other requirements from a Facebook perspective include:

  • A verified Facebook Business Manager account,
  • A phone number for WhatsApp Business API (mobile or landline), and
  • Approval of WhatsApp Business API application - reviewed by Facebook and WhatsApp teams.

WhatsApp provides it. Currently, it is limited to international brands or those with a high volume of message exchange.

That’s a good question! Before you schedule a demo, please ensure you satisfy all the below criteria.

  • You are not looking to do any promotional marketing or send broadcasts to your prospects or existing customers via WhatsApp.
  • The products and services you offer don’t violate WhatsApp business and commerce policies.
  • Facebook has already verified your business details. It is a prerequisite to apply for WhatsApp Business API. Learn more
  • Your organization is at least 50 people strong.

If any of the above is not valid for you, we suggest using WhatsApp Business App or other WhatsApp store management tools such as