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jumper brings the power of Instagram and Messenger to help you create real conversations and walk customers through a sale, automatically after they comment.

Make your Instagram posts shoppable!

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Everything you need to supercharge your Instagram

Shoppable Instagram posts

Turn any Instagram post into a direct point of sale. No links, no tags, customers can buy simply commenting on your posts.

Branded Instagram hashtags

Add your product / promotion details to your choosen hashtags. Customers simply comment with your hashtags and get your product / promotion details.

Automatic Instagram replies

Setup keywords to automatically reply to any customer query such as; how much, how do I order, do you have colors, etc, and as well as push sales to your customers.

Increased Instagram reach

More engagement on your posts, simply means more reach and ultimately more demand and more sales.

How it works

Instagram ecommerce as easy as it should be!


Simply add your product and #hashtag on the jumper dashboard and share it on Instagram as usual.

Customers comment

Upon comment, customers automatically receive a reply from you, and are walked through the checkout on Messenger.

Get paid

Once the order is placed, the payments are transferred directly in your PayPal or Stripe merchant account.

Try it live

Get your Instagram store ready

Using jumper setting up your store and automating it on Instagram is super easy and takes less than 5 mins.

Just follow the steps below and get started.

  1. Signup with your email / Facebook.
  2. Add your product details with a hashtag or import with CSV or Shopify.
  3. Connect your Instagram and Facebook account.
  4. Choose how you want to receive payments: via Stripe or PayPal.

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