Engage your communities at the time of need

Connect with people, share timely information, provide faster responses, and improve lives through Facebook Messenger.

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Social distancing shouldn’t mean losing human connection

Messaging on social and web platforms gives you the power to reach more people, in every part of the world, foster human relationships and have 1-to-1 conversations at scale.


Connect with 1.3 Billion people and countless businesses using the Facebook Messenger platform every day to keep in touch with family, friends and businesses.


Times like these require accurate and timely information. Spread awareness, provide verified information and keep communities in the loop, though timely notifications, updates, and advisories about Covid-19 sent directly into their Messenger.



Proactively respond to frequently asked questions and general concerns, through Natural Language processing and automated quick replies in Messenger.

Assist people to get the information most critical to them, either through real-time conversations with volunteers and experts or through automated self-serve chatbot that guide them through critical information on personal hygiene, self-quarantine measures, authorized health centres, test clinics, medical and business grants and more.



Everyone has questions – should I be tested?

Use communication channels to help users identify if they really need it, by building a simple decision tree through automation. Help reduce the overload on the healthcare system, by managing the concerns of the public.

Issuing Stay Home Notices and self-quarantine?

Use automated reminders to ask for latest temperature reading and update on symptoms. Guide people though critical information about authorised insurance coverages and what to do in cases of other illnesses to avoid overload on health care workers.

Together with you, in your mission.


Jumper offers a unified messaging inbox to connect with people across multiple social, messaging and web platforms.


Jumper offers simple and easy to use software tools to help you connect with people at scale.


Our team is dedicated to join forces and help your team efficiently and effortless manage everyday communications.