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jumper helps you close more sales on social media and receive payments directly in your PayPal account. And the buyer are eligible for protection against unauthorised transactions or unreceived products.

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Connect your PayPal merchant account

jumper uses tokens stored with PayPal to securely capture and process payments from your customers PayPal accounts. Once the transaction is complete, your funds are automatically transferred to your PayPal account registered with jumper.

  1. Signup for your jumper account
  2. Connect your PayPal account
  3. Add your products to the jumper dashboard
  4. Post it on social media to start accepting payments via PayPal


  • You will maintain your own PayPal Account.
  • Customer transactions will appear on your PayPal dashboard.
  • You will handle chargebacks and related customer service issues.
  • You will pay all PayPal payment fees associated with your PayPal Account.
  • Contact us for more info.

Collect payments on social media with PayPal

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Currently we don't support PayPal in [[fullCountryName]]