eCommerce Platform for Shopify Plus: An overview

Marketplaces like Amazon have become increasingly competitive and unprofitable. Understandably, more and more global brands are embracing direct-to-consumer as their primary eCommerce strategy to sustain in the longer term. And to build lasting customer relationships.

No wonder, solutions like Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Magento are the platforms of choice today for scaling up your eCommerce website. But what next? And how do you ‘get your visitors to buy, and come back to you again and again? That’s where fits hand-in-glove with the likes of Shopify Plus. We extend a brand’s reach to her customers and increase online revenue through social commerce on channels like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Live Shopping, Messenger, and Line.

Here, we are not talking about standalone integrations offered by Shopify Plus Apps. Think instant messaging. And now bring your entire big, bold world of commerce inside the two-way conversations on WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, or webchat, natively! No prizes for guessing why. On these various instant messaging apps, you can reach practically all your customers, all the time (a.k.a very high open rates) and offer the same comfort as with talking to a friend.

Do you want to jazz up your eCommerce strategy with a brick-and-mortar inspired, conversational retail experience? And tap into the big market opportunity for brands on channels like WhatsApp? Then is an excellent addition to your digital retail mix. Jumper’s conversational commerce platform is highly configurable and scalable. It is your master platform against a dozen different Shopify Plus apps.

Learn how Jumper complements your Shopify Plus eCommerce set up and how it facilitates a meaningful dialogue with your shoppers so you grow your revenue throughout the customer lifecycle, across channels.

What You Can Do With Jumper-for-Shopify Plus

  • Unified business inbox (Personal Interaction Management)

    Centralize omnichannel conversations across your customer base and increase eCommerce conversions by empowering your brand advisors, sales, and customer support teams with a ‘Unified Business Inbox’. Assist customers, share product suggestions, update catalogs, create live orders, enable cart recovery, collect payments, automate shipping notifications, and do much more, via instant messaging apps.

    Omnichannel customer engagement and commerce

    Build storefronts, drives sales, and process payments natively across multiple channels such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, iMessage, website chatbox, brand blog, Google RCS, AdLingo (Conversational Google Ads).

    Social Media Engagement

    Drive customer engagement, promotions, and sales by integrating conversational commerce with social media interactions such as Facebook page comments, Facebook Live, Youtube Comments, Twitter retweets, Google Display Ads, etc.

  • In-chat payments and automated notifications, and updates

    Process payments, and send automated order receipts, shipping notifications, cart reminders, back-in-stock updates, account updates, and subscription reminders via instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, or Facebook Messenger.

    Agent-led shopping assistance

    Get your brand sales associates in front of the online shopper and provide personalized, brick-and-mortar style shopping experience where you can recommend products, create live orders, and upsell.

    User Management

    Manage team roles, user permissions, and routing rules based on team structure, job responsibilities, customer needs, use cases, and outlet proximity.


    Generate, schedule, and track any and every kind of reports and metrics for business review.

  • Shopify Flow notifications on WhatsApp

    Send alerts and notifications to customers on WhatsApp, iMessage, and Messenger based on your Shopify Flow workflows and keep everything integrated and consistent across your commerce and marketing operations.

    Syncing Shopify across conversational channels

    Integrate and sync your Shopify inventory, catalogs, orders, shipping, and taxes in real-time with your channels.

    Chatbot builder

    Build intelligent natural language chatbots, design auto-responses for common customer queries, and create conditional logic for routing to human agents.

    Social CRM

    Centralize contextual insights about every customer’s demography and shopping behavior. Access complete customer profile, past purchase insights, and interaction history within the tool. conversational commerce extensions for Shopify Plus

Once you have your website from Shopify Plus, you can add Jumper’s conversational integrations to your eCommerce mix in less than a week. Take a quick look at the below Jumper-for-Shopify Plus integrations.
Different Levels of Jumper Headless Commerce Integrations for Shopify Plus
Channels covered: WhatsApp, iMessage, and Messenger Channels covered: WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, Web chatbox and more Channels covered: WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, Web chatbox and more
Integrate with Shopify Flow All one-way messaging features All two-way messaging features
Automate cart recovery notifications Integrate with Shopify Store Product, Shipping and order management Automate FAQs responses and customer care essentials
Automate purchase notifications Drive engagement and sales from Facebook Live videos, Page posts, and Ads Train Jumper to know everything about your product catalog and offer contextual responses to product-specific queries and customer preferences
Automate order and shipping updates Drive customers to purchase with ‘guided’ shopping and payment in chat Segment customers and engage them across the lifecycle
Send non-promotional content and community notifications Provide agent-led personal shopping experience for high consideration and impulse purchase categories such as beauty, nutrition, fashion, personal care, and luxury Personalize customer experience through advanced chatbots for product recommendations, surveys, content suggestions, product reviews and more across the customer lifecycle
Manage omnichannel personal interactions across customers through a Unified Business Inbox Group agents and route conversations based on business rules
Access holistic customer profile, purchase history and interaction records

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As a high-volume, high-growth eCommerce brand selling directly to your consumers, who knows better than you, the importance of having meaningful conversations with them! Consumers everywhere have taken to the internet for their shopping research and recommendations. Today, it is possible to engage them with your brand and increase conversions by proactively messaging them when they are tuned into your Facebook Live campaigns, blog posts, and videos. When looking to expand your online revenue, you cannot overlook the potential of enabling commerce from your branded content and from today’s most-used apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger. Now that you have your Shopify Plus eCommerce engine in place, it is time to win your shoppers, by being available to them whenever, wherever. makes it all happen with ease. Trust us to help you boost your eCommerce strategy with the power of contextual, live, and two-way interactions with your shoppers in the all-comfy environment of messaging apps. You will be surprised how seamlessly it integrates with your existing technology - and how fast it becomes a favorite of your customer-facing teams.

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