svg was able to provide a customised, personalised solution to engage with our fans. At the same time, they were able to provide meaningful insights to allow us to know who our consumers are and help shape future campaigns.

Michelle Foo

Brand Manager, Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever

The world’s most recognizable ice cream brand, Ben & Jerry’s, used the power of Messenger marketing to create an incredibly effective campaign.


sample redemption


increase in customer traction when compared to existing campaigns


conversion rate


Ben & Jerry’s is one of, if not the most recognizable ice cream brand on the planet. With a reported $680m revenue in the US alone through 2019, they’re a true giant of the space.

Ben & Jerry’s have always been known to have a strong focus on ethical practice and improving customer service. To continue on their track of providing a great customer experience, they experimented with their first Messenger marketing campaign.

They took steps to engage users through Messenger, and use the channel to drive real-life coupon redemptions at various locations throughout Singapore.



The goal for this campaign was simple, to reach and engage users on the device they are most engaged - their mobile phone - before directing them to locations to test a new flavor of ice cream.


Free samples

With the impending release of a few new flavors of ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s wanted to drive awareness and interest in the new offerings.

They started by running both organic and paid social posts to drive awareness. Customers who engaged with the posts would be sent a handful of chat messages outlining the new flavors, asking questions on their potentially favorite, and subsequently offering a coupon for a free pint slice of that flavor.

Finally, they’d be told where the nearest Ben & Jerry’s vending machine was so they could redeem the coupon for their free sample.



Thanks to the streamlined and personalized nature of this campaign, it massively outperformed any other form of sampling campaign Ben & Jerry’s had implemented.

Not only did they see impressive results in terms of the coupon redemptions, but were also able to collect far more customer data thanks to the 2-way communication chat provides.