Instagram is a perfect avenue for us to connect with our customers especially since many people use Instagram to discover new beauty products. However, it was difficult to follow-up with people or respond to potential sales leads because we did not have the right tools. By implementing Messenger API for Instagram, we have not only scaled our conversations through different entry points such as Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, mentions, and direct messages, but have also improved our response time to customer inquiries.

Eda Lim

Head Of Digital, Luxury & Professional Division, Kiehl’s Malaysia


more qualified leads compared to other channels


conversion rate from consultation to sales


Scientifically proven skincare products

Part of the L’Oréal group, Kiehl’s is a luxury beauty brand that offers a variety of high-end and premium skincare products. It was founded as an apothecary in 1851 and since has evolved into a skincare company that prides itself on using natural ingredients and dermatologist solutions.



Delighting customers on Instagram

As many of the beauty brand’s customers are active Instagram users, Kiehl’s Malaysia wanted to use the platform to foster a closer connection with them. However, its customer care agents found it challenging to respond to the large volume of direct messages, comments, and Instagram Stories it received from people. Kiehl’s Malaysia needed a solution that could help its team manage all inbound communication to ensure customer questions were answered and leads were converted.


Quick and personalised communication with automation

Kiehl’s Malaysia worked with automated conversational commerce expert to integrate Messenger API for Instagram and build an automated experience for Messenger. Using the digital assistant, Kiehl’s could more easily connect with people on Instagram and have a conversation with them via Instagram direct messages.

The conversational flow included automatic replies so that people who sent a message to Kiehl’s would immediately receive a personalised message and a handover protocol that seamlessly transferred complex conversations such as consultations about products and solutions to the company’s customer support agents.

Additionally, if people messaged Kiehl’s after office hours ended at 6pm, they received an automatic “away” message that explained the customer support team was offline and would return at 9am the next day.



More leads and higher conversion rates

Working with and integrating Messenger API for Instagram, Kiehl’s Malaysia was better able to manage the volume of messages, comments, and Instagram Stories it received and more easily connect with customers using Instagram to communicate with the brand. Two months after launching the messaging solution, it saw the following results between March and April 2020*: