It's been great working on with Prayas. The team is agile, the platform is easy to use and the best part is that they are constantly innovating and at top of the trends. Mad Over Donuts has seen a good response from the campaigns we have run via jumper, in most cases way better than the mediums we used in the past.

Harsh Gupta

Head- Delivery & Strategic Alliances, Mad Over Donuts

India's leading donut brand used Story ads that launched a Messenger experience to generate some incredible results.


Revenue attribution towards in-store offers during the same time period


lift in sales as compared to Similar campaigns without Messenger Automation


More people redeemed an offer coupon when compared to prior campaigns


Mad Over Donuts : Literally

In their 12 year history, Mad Over Donuts has grown from a small Singaporean based retailer to one of the best-known quick-serve restaurant chains in India.

Not content with establishing a reputation as producers of the best donuts in the world, they're constantly innovating through regularly introduced new flavors, and improved methods of customer service.

In particular, Mad Over Donuts have been working to bridge the gap between online engagement and offline sales. Their conversational marketing campaigns have been key in achieving this.



Increase offline footfall through online channels

India is facing a digital boom. Today, online food delivery aggregators command the majority share of restaurant orders. The result is a lack of footfall within offline stores and an increasing difficulty in increasing this diminishing level of offline custom. Mad Over Donuts wanted to leverage the power of online, 2-way conversations to engage their followers and drive more offline visits.


DoNut Talk

Mad Over Donuts created a Messenger experience with the assistance of the team.

The conversation asked a few basic questions before offering a free in-store purchase coupon that could be redeemed at any one of their 67 stores within the subsequent 5 days.

To drive awareness of this offer, the Mad Over Donuts team ran multiple sponsored Instagram Stories and frequently updated organic content highlighting one of the new flavors.

To further increase the reach of this campaign, Mad Over Donuts added advertisements with QR codes at prominent retail locations near their stores. When these QR codes were scanned, customers would receive the same Messenger experience, redeemable code, and an invitation to head to the nearest store.

The digital front of this campaign ran across Facebook and Instagram from September 2019 to February 2020 and was targeted specifically to customers within specific geo-fenced locations.



All About Results

The benefits of this campaign extended beyond a simple increase in sales. In addition to the impressive results you see below, Mad Over Donuts was able to effortlessly collect customer feedback through the questions they asked in the Messenger experience.

Information which will help them refine their next campaign to release new flavors.

Thanks to the inventive method of delivery for this campaign, Mad Over Donuts saw a far greater return compared to their other campaigns running at the same time.