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With multiple blockbuster movies releasing every year, Disney’s main objective for each of it’s movie campaigns is to drive box office ticket sales.

However, it’s always a challenge to track how marketing/advertising efforts impacts the box office, and while they continue to closing the gap to purchase by having call to action button to book tickets on their ads – yet it always proves difficult to know if they do book the tickets or how interested they are.

With the goal to bring consumer closer to booking platforms hence closing the gap to purchase across platforms, Disney used jumper.ai to create a conversational purchase with Facebook Messenger, capitalising on one-to-one user trend while enhancing discoverability of content.

  • 18X Page engagement
  • 58% Sales conversion

Traditionally, product sampling for ice-creams involved setting up a pop-up store or booth in a busy area, and giving away free ice-cream for walk-in customers - without much customer engagement. While giving out samples is a key marketing activity to get new products in the hands of the customers, understanding the customer base is equally important in this data-driven world.

For Ben & Jerry’s, jumper.ai helped develop an innovative campaign to get the newly launched Pint Slices in the hands of the customers, while creating buzz on social media, and taking them through a unique experience. The campaign resulted in significant interaction, personalized experiences and allowed Ben & Jerry’s to understand the customer profile for each and every customer who engaged with the Campaign.

  • 2.2X Consumer insights
  • 100% Redemptions

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